• Sassy Dezines Stiletto Vases
    A great centerpiece for any party.
    Weddings, Bridal Showers, La Quinceañeras,
    Sweet 16, High School Reunions, Anniversaries,
    Fashion Shows, Wedding Proposal, Graduation,
    Birthdays, Best friends, Proms, Bat Mitzvah,
    or any Party.
  • Beautiful stiletto Vases
    Bright Delft Blue stiletto vases will be great
    for your next party!
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  • Pretty In Pink
    Bright pink ceramic stiletto high heel Cowboy Boot.
  • Zebra Stiletto Vase
    Be the first in your circle
    to have a different and exciting centerpiece.
  • Pearlized Stiletto Vase
    Add elegance to your centerpiece vase
    with a pearlized shimmer that adds
    a beautiful color to your vase.
  • A great gift to put the items inside the stiletto Cowboy Boot:
    Manicure Scrubs
    Body Scrubs
    Bath Salts
    Pedicure Soaks
  • Add Bling
    Add diamonds to the toe of the stiletto vase.
  • Polka Dots are HOT!!
    Definately a party with dots!
    Its fun, its exciting, its vibrant.
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    For the home
    For the garden
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Exotic Cowboy Boot Vase

Regular UPS Ground Shipping
9 " long x 3" wide x 9" high.
Please measure with a ruler. 
$90.00 Each
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Call or email if you need different colors

Kathy at 520-744-2417

Kathy at sassydezines@comcast.net


Snake Skin Cowboy Boot

73 1175F - CN012
Crocodile Skin Cowboy Boot

Go to Designer High Heels for the crocodile
or snake skin high heel vase.